Akumuliatoriaus paleidėjas PRO START (booster) 2824, 12/24V, Telwin

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    Kodas: 8004897837567
    Kaina 345  su PVM
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    Lizingo skaičiuoklės
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    Kroviklio tipas
    12 / 24 V
  • Įtampa (pajungimo): 230 V

    Maksimali paleidimo srovė: 1250A / 24V - 2500 A / 12V

    Talpa: 22Ah / 24V - 44Ah / 12V

    Svoris: 16,5 kg

     Battery-powered starter suitable for 12-24V starting of cars, vans, boats, agricultural vehicles, power sources etc. When connected to the cigar-lighter outlet it maintains the voltage on all circuits during battery changes and is also a 12V power source for use in emergencies. Fit with a safety switch for starting, it does not damage the electronics of the vehicle and allows for a large number of starting operations before being recharged. PRO START 2824 can be recharged using the special power supply, connected to the mains network, or using the cigar-lighter outlet of the vehicle (for the safeguard of the battery, charge for 12 hours before use, charge again after each use and every 3 months in any case). Characteristics: safety switch * overload protection * polarity reversal protection acoustic/luminous alarm * high efficiency led lamp * battery charge status led * battery charging status led * 2 x 12V jack sockets * cable-holder pocket. Complete with: 230V AC 12V DC power adaptor, positive-negative cables with clamps, high efficiency lamp, double jack cable.